Almost fully operational...

Yes friends! That's right! I will soon have my own store where you, my loyal fans and friends, can finally purchase all the stuff that I've been talking about for the past decade! Not only that, but I have started a new comic! "Ironic Robot Comic" will post right here as I create them! 

We will need sub-headings

And more subheadings



This is a poster.

This is poster text.


This is a card.

This is card text.


This is an overlap.

This is overlap text.


This is a collage.

This is collage text.


This is a stack.

This is stack text.

Let's seeeeee... is there anything else we need? Oh yeah... we need a pull quote.

This is a quote. It’s what you use when you want to say something that someone else already said and give them credit for it.
— Josh Braaten